ZendCon ’12 Call for Papers is Now Open!

Put on your thinking caps and fire up those mind maps, it’s CfP time at ZendCon!

Each year Zend puts on ZendCon and each year we invite you to participate; 2012 is no different. We are looking for the best and brightest to come talk about what you are working on. If you think you’ve got what it takes, check out Kevin Schroder’s blog post on the topic, “ZendCon 2012 (or, how to get your talk accepted)

I suggest you take the time to read the entire post but here is the part that you have to know.

The topic areas that we would like submissions to fit into are

  • Application and infrastructure best practices/case studies
  • Testing, debugging, profiling and QA
  • Framework-based development
  • Zend Framework 2
  • Cloud-based services and cloud-based development
  • Server and cloud-based infrastructure
  • RIA, mobile and browser
  • Databases, storage and data modeling
  • Security
  • Unsung Tools
  • Agile processes and project management
  • PHP on the IBM i

While we are on the topic of speaking at conferences, here are a few links to help you if you’ve never spoken before or are looking for some advice.

Chew on those a bit, review the topics list, and then click the whoopie button and submit your talk. Trust me, they want to hear from you.

Oh and congratulations to the ZendCon CfP Advisory Panel for 2012!

  • Maurice Kherlakian (mkherlakian) – Damn good Zend consultant, but someone needs to suggest a Twitter profile pic for him.
  • Ralph Schindler  (ralphschindler) – Some dude who works on ZF.
  • Joe Devon (joedevon) – Runs PHP in the land o’ Mickey Mouse
  • Chris Spruck (cspruck) – Has one of the nicest looking user group web pages I’ve seen
  • Stefan Koopmanschap (skoop) – Does work with PHP via sumphony or something like that.

I know most of these gentlemen personally and if you do too then you know how tough it is going to be to get accepted. Bring your A-game.