Developing A ZF2 Blog – Matthew Weier O’Phinney speaks

Recently Mr. O’Phinney – Supreme Allied Commander of Zend Framework (SALUTE!) – talked about a journey he embarked on “…a long time ago” in a post titled “Developing A ZF2 Blog“. This journey was to build a blog using Zend Framework 2; this isn’t what you think. Don’t go looking to just grab the code, that’s not the point of the post. Here is a quick quote that will give you a hint of the goodness that lies in the post.

A long time ago, I set out to write my own blog platform. Yes, WordPress is a fine blogging platform, as is Serendipity (aka “s9y”, and my previous platform). And yes, I know about Habari. And, for those of you skimming ahead, yes, I’m quite aware of Jekyll, thank you anyways.

Why write something of my own? Well, of course, there’s the fact that I’m a developer, and have control issues. Then there’s also the fact that a blog is both a simple enough domain to allow easily experimenting with new technology and paradigms, while simultaneously providing a complex enough domain to expose non-trivial issues.

When I started this project, it was a technology-centered endeavor; I wanted to play with document databases such as CouchDB and MongoDB, and with caching technologies like memcached and redis.

This is a very interesting article. There is a lot of code displayed but no complete project. Quite honestly, if you read the entire article, I’m pretty sure that only a select few would even want to see all of the code. The blogging process he sets out as his “normal” process kind of redefines the word “normal”; but to each his own.

Even though most people won’t be interested in blogging the way that MWOP does, his journey to this process is very interesting; and that s what this post is really about, the journey, not the end result.

Give it a read and then leave Mr. O’Phinney a comment about his journey, his process, or just salute his for all his work on marshaling ZF2.