Rob Allen talks about Vagrant in Zend Framework 1

Recently Rob Allen wrote a post for his blog titled “Vagrant in Zend Framework 1“. If you use Vagrant to control your virtual machines, you are going to like this post. Rob is long on the how but short on the why; he assumes you know what the tools are and how to use them. This isn’t a bad thing but if you aren’t already familiar with the tools, this isn’t the tutorial you are looking for.

Her’es a quick bite to wet your appetite.

Vagrant is a fantastic tool that enables you to manage and run virtual machines from the command line, including automatic provisioning of them using puppet or chef. The really cool thing about it however from my point of view is that vagrant automatically sets up the VM with a folder called /vagrant that holds the code on your local hard drive from where you started the VM. This means that you can continue to edit your code in your local editor/IDE and test it within the VM easily.

Rob shows you how to:

  • Get up and running
  • Check out the Zend Framework codebase
  • Build your target version of PHP
  • Run your tests

The great thing is he also shows you how to have multiple versions of PHP and test against each of them.