The new Zend\Crypt released

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Recently Enrico Zimuel (hey, lookie there, I got his name right) released his new Zend\Crypt and issued a pull request to have it pulled into the main Zend Framework 2 repo. He wrote a nice wrap-up of what he had built and how it can be used for the Zend Framework Contributor mailing list, “Just released the new Zend\Crypt

The goal of the Zend\Crypt\BlockCipher is to simplify the use of
cryptography in PHP with default values that prevents mistakes with the
guarantee, as much as possible, of good security.

In the email Enrico gives the details of what he’s built along with a small snippet of code to let you play with it in a ZF 2 project.

Enrico’s repo for Zend\Crypt can be found here, ezimuel/zf2/library/Zend/Crypt.