Zend Weekly Summaries Issue #177

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FIX: 64bit fixes
TLK: Bug database hard to reach
FIX: More PHP 5 fixes
TLK: CVS account requests

FIX: 64bit fixes

Over the last couple of weeks, Ard Biesheuvel submitted patches to fix various
issues on 64bit platforms (such as amd64). These fixes will ensure that PHP will
run on these platforms without any problems.

TLK: Bug database hard to reach

Some people reported that the bug database was unreachable, while others didn’t
experience any problems. It seems that the routing to the hosting provider, where
the box with the bugs is located, is not working correctly. Rasmus and others set
up proxies for those who can’t reach the bug database.

FIX: More PHP 5 fixes

Mostly Andi, Zeev and Marcus are ironing out the last critical (and not so
critical, but still) bugs out of the Zend Engine. Thus getting closer to an RC1
release package. The latest round of fixes included fixing segmentation faults
rather than semantic bugs, which were done some weeks ago.

TLK: CVS account requests

Ever and ever, people request CVS accounts stating a purpose where they don’t
actually need write access to the CVS repository or they request it with a valid
reason but don’t actually use the accounts for anything but the fancy @php.net
address. To get down the number of invalid requests it was discussed to add some
sort of automatic detection. Ard came up with a patch that is now online. It must
be seen if it helps.