Rob (akrabat) Allen updates his Zend Framework 2 tutorial for beta 5

If you use Zend Framework for any length of time then you know Rob “akrabat” Allen. If you are thinking about learning Zend Framework (or in this case, Zend Framework 2) then you need to know that Rob Allen has written the best tutorial for learning ZF2 available. (It’s ok to disagree with them on this, I’m sure you are used to being wrong by now)

While Rob is the author of “Zend Framework in Action” by Manning Press, he gives away his best work for free, his Zend Framework 2 Tutorial.

Recently Rob announced on his blog that he has updated the tutorial to bring it inline with the recently released Zend Framework 2, Beta 5. Like ZF2B5, the tutorial now covers:

  • Zend\I18n for localisation and translation
  • Zend\Escaper for context-specific escaping that targets HTML, HTML attributes, URLs, CSS, and JavaScript.

Here’s the obligatory quote.

…I have also updated my Zend Framework 2 tutorial so that it works with Beta 5. The most obvious difference I noticed was that the bootstrapping is nice as is displaying a form in the view.

If you are working through Rob’s tutorial, go grab the latest version. If you are curious about Zend Framework 2, go grab Rob’s tutorial. If you ever wonder why people love the Zend Framework community, go grab Rob’s tutorial.