Zend Framework – How To Implement RSS Feeds the Easy Way

Over on their blog, Malt Blue recently released a very informative post titled “Zend Framework – How To Implement RSS Feeds the Easy Way“. this is a nicely written tutorial that delivers what it promises.

Ever wanted to know how to take an existing Zend Framework application where you have posts, records, news or anything else stored in a data source and updated regularly, and make it available as a feed for your users that they can subscribe to?

Well today, that’s what I want to show you.

It’s not a long read nor is the solution terribly difficult to implement. The author (Matt?) gives you everything you need to get up and running with the idea quickly. The reader is given a lot of the HOW and some of the WHY, enough to keep it interesting.

If you are looking to add RSS feed capabilities to your existing Zend Framework 1 application, this is a great starting point.