ZendCon, ZendCon, ZendCon!

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ZendCon will be here sooner than you think and for those of you who are still sitting on the fence, here’s a rundown of the important things you need to know to make the decision to attend.

  • Zend Framework 2

    Are you into Zend Framework 2? Are you looking to get into Zend Framework 2? There is no better opportunity to dive deep into Zend Framework 2 than ZendCon. Whether you attend the tutorial or the many sessions, this is your chance to immerse yourself and learn from the people building it.

  • Get Certified

    Did you know that you can take the Zend Framework or PHP Certification test for free at ZendCon? It’s part of your ticket price. But you have to registe quickly. Slots fill up fast.

  • Meet people

    Look at all the people already listed as attending zendCon over at Lanyard.com. Register today and then add yourself to lanyard.com. Find the people you want to connect with and start making plans now!

  • Learn!

    Look at this schedule. The reason your company sends you to conferences like ZendCon is to learn and you won’t find many better schedules than this one. TPHP developers have a lot of technologies they have to stay current on and ZendCon is one of the few places where you can find instruction on most all of them.

Join us in Santa Clara, CA – US this year on October 22-25 for ZendCon. You will learn something, you will make new friends, you won’t go home disappointed. (or well rested) :)