Zend Framework 2.0.0rc3 Released!

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We’ve finished to tag and push packages of the third release candidate of ZF2, Zend Framework 2.0.0rc3, is now available!

Release candidates are now happening weekly, and will continue until we feel the code is stable; we anticipate that by the end of the month, we should have a stable release.

In the past week we managed about 65 pull requests, patching primarily bugfixes. We addressed a potential security issue in Zend\Http using the socket client; we enabled verify_peer by default, to prevent potential Man-In-The-Middle attacks. Moreover we continued to work on the PSR-2 compatibility of the framework, refactoring some components.

Regarding the documentation of ZF2, we managed the amazing number of 150 pull requests in one week! Thanks to all the contributors and in particular to Mickael Perraud, he improved the translation process reducing the need to have multiple files for each language.

We will expect more PR to the zf2-documentation repository in the next days, we want to have the best possible documentation for the 2.0 stable release.

We need your help on the documentation, if you want to be involved please read this post.

Below is the full changelog of the RC3. Take some time to test the release, and to thank all the contributors who have helped get us this far!

  • Zend\Http: Socket client, updated to enable verify_peer by default, to prevent potential Man-In-The-Middle attacks.
  • Zend\EventManager\SharedEventManager: SharedEventManager::attach now returns a callbackhandler for detaching, inline with what EventManager::attach does.
  • Zend\Form\Annotation: Form annotation builder – if isRequired is true, automatically add required attribute.
  • Zend\Mvc\Controller: Removed duplication between AbstractActionController and AbstractRestfullController. The AbstractController has the shared functions of both and allows to reuse it without the unneeded specific functions from AbstractActionController.
  • Zend\Feed: Added trim() to XML input when importing an XML or HTML string. This prevent a few isolated problems with the feeds of some applications having illegal preceeding space in an XML feed.
  • PSR-2 compatible: We refactored some of the components in order to be PSR-2 compatible. We will continue to check for PSR-2 compatibility in the next RC.
  • Removed the doc2rst scripts: We removed the scripts bin/doc2rst.php, bin/doc2rst.xsl, and bin/ZendBin for the conversion from DocBook to reStructuredText (all the doc files have been converted).