Malt Blue Shows us How to Build Extendable and Extensible Zend Framework Applications

Those madcap developers over at are at it again, this time they have released a tutorial for Zend Framework 1 developers titled “How to Build Extendable and Extensible Zend Framework Applications with Custom Resource Plugins“. let’s take a peek at it, shall we?

First, the obligatory quote:

No matter how much people tell us that “I only want a simple application”, after building more than a handful of applications and working with a number of clients, your experience will begin to tell you that they’ll often want more.

Now let’s talk about what they have posted. This is an excellent tutorial for all Zend Framework developers. it starts with a good chunk of WHY and then dives deep into the HOW. The author describes how to architect your applications, gives a primer on the Strategy pattern and then gives a lot of code for those of you who insist on copy-n-paste coding.

This is not a trivial article. This is a “Saturday morning, the kids are at soccer and I’ve got a couple of hours” article. It is well written and if you are new to Zend Framework – or just looking for new ideas on how to do things – this article is a great investment of your time.

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