Zend Framework 2.0.0rc7 Released!

Evidently, when you say something is “the last”, or “stable”, that’s when folks actually start testing. Such was the case when, two days ago, we released Zend Framework 2.0.0rc6. Overnight, we got a ton of patches submitted, and a number of them were targetting not simply differences in expectations, but actual issues in the code.

As such, we’re announcing the immediate availability of Zend Framework 2.0.0rc7! Packages and installation instructions are available at:

At this time, RC7 is the last release candidate before shipping a stable version sometime next week.

The full changelog for RC7 is as follows:

As a reminder, all ZF2 components are also available individually as Pyrus AND composer packages; packages.zendframework.com is our official channel for both package formats.

I’d like to thank each and every person who has contributed ideas, feedback, pull requests (no pull request is too small!), testing, and more — we’re almost to the goal of a stable next-generation framework!