Zend Weekly Summaries Issue #187

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NEW: PHP 4.3.7
TLK: delete keyword
TLK: Runtime vs compile-time self::
TLK: PHP 5 RC3 preparations

NEW: PHP 4.3.7

Ilia Alshanetsky, as the PHP 4.3 series Release Master, released PHP 4.3.7 on June 2nd. As
well as a security fix on Windows, this release fixes more minor bugs and should be
considered a maintenance release. Windows users, particularly, are encouraged to

Short version: Upgrade (again).

TLK: delete keyword

Florian Schaper came across the original Zend Engine 2 specification documents,
and wondered whatever happened to the delete keyword. This has been
heavily discussed already, and it was agreed not to add the keyword. A handful of
developers seemed about to repeat all the arguments for and against, but Derick
Rethans called a halt to this and the thread subsided.

Short version: delete will remain deleted.

TLK: Runtime vs compile-time self::

Bert Slagter came up with a piece of code that showed some weird OO-behaviour in
PHP 5. The discussion arising from there led to the idea that the static reference
to a class, self:: should be changed from being evaluated at
compile-time to being evaluated at runtime. Andi vetoed this, saying that the design
that would lead to a programmer having a problem with self::was faulty,
and the code should be redesigned to use $this.

Short version: Static self-evaluation remains as-is.

TLK: PHP 5 RC3 preparations

A bunch of security fixes made it into the tree before RC 3 is tagged. Kudos to
Stefan ‘get ’em all’ Esser, who also found some other memory-related buglets. When
Andi asked whether there were any further outstanding issues he had a prompt reply
from Wolfgang Drews, who was experiencing memory leakage under win32. Sterling
Hughes suggested disabling the Zend Memory Manager by default. Andi explained that
ZEND_MM is not utilized on win32 because there are native per-thread pools that can
be leveraged there, but it is useful in speeding up PHP on other systems. However,
it proved to be causing the problem reported by Wolfgang, if only on MT servers. For
the time being, Andi has disabled the Zend MM on Windows to prevent the leak.

On the final call before RC3 was due to go live, Sebastian Bergmann reported a
crash bug encountered whenever he tried to access PHPMyAdmin. This is likely to be
the last showstopper before PHP 5 RC3.

Short version: It’s still not ready.


Andi discovered some problems with loading shared extensions on MacOS X, and
suggested a possible fix for them. Dan Kalowsky advised him that in 10.3 (the latest
version of OS X) the dlcompat utility is bundled, which is likely to
render the library handling code that he and Marko wrote for PHP unnecessary from
10.3 onward and could conceivably also cause the problems Andi described. On the
other hand, there are still a great number of earlier Mac OS X installations out
there that need the library handling code. Dan felt that Andi’s proposed changes
were unlikely to damage the older code. However, Andi has not yet committed his

Short version: DSO loading on older systems is likely to be fixed.