Andi Gutmans to bring the awesome at ZendCon’s opening keynote

I have fond memories of working on ZendCon’s past. One of the best part was helping Andi Gutmans – and before him, Harold Goldberg – prepare for their opening keynote. It wasn’t the hours of sitting in a conference room practicing that was the fun part, it was seeing all the new things that were going to be announced and getting excited about how they would help shape PHP for the year to come.

Even though I have moved on from Zend, I still get excited around this time of year, and this year is no exception. In preparation for his opening keynote at ZendCon, Andi has been giving out “teaser interviews” to hint at what he will be talking about when he opens, ZendCon ’12. Here’s a quick excerpt from one of the articles.

He’s talking about the revolution in mobile, cloud services, and social that we’ve seen take over the technology world. Undoubtedly, PHP has been huge in social — it is, after all, the language in which Facebook is created — and huge in web content, with the world’s leading blogging services (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and more) all created in PHP. The reality is, however, that PHP has not been huge in mobile, where coders write Java to create Android apps and Objective-C to build iPhone and iPad apps. Nor has it had a strong, defined story in cloud services.
But things change.

You can read the entire article over at, it’s titled “Zend to 5 million PHP developers: We’ll help you build for mobile…”

Mobile, Cloud, PHP…seriously, Andi is bringing the awesome to kick off ZendCon ’12; there is still time to get your ticket…if you hurry.

Oh, and did I mention GREEN ELEPHPANTS!?! 🙂

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