PHP Developers….THIS!

Yesterday’s opening keynote by Andi Gutmans was great. If you missed it, you can watch the recording.

After the keynote however, Kent Mitchell – Ringmaster for ZendCon 2012 – sat down with John Koetsier from VentureBeat and did a live coding demo of building a simple iOS application with a PHP based API on the back end. You can read the entire article here, “PHP developers, you MUST see this: creating a cloud-enabled native mobile app in 10 minutes or less in Zend Studio”, but here’s the good part, the video.

This is important. Don’t think of it as “OH LOOK I CAN BUILD AN APP WITH 300 BUTTONS!”, this is important because it gives PHP developers who want to leverage mobile – or those looking to transition into mobile – a platform to begin their transition. Obviously, there will be a group of developers who adopt this, find they have a passion for building mobile apps, and invest in the tools and their own skills to build native apps. There are however, a large group of developers who need to keep their feet in both worlds and this tool helps them not only do that but to be good at it.

If you haven’t done so yet, visit “Zend’s End-to-End Mobile Application Solution” to get all the details and to download and play with the tools.

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