ZendCon Day 3 – Through the eyes of Twitter

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“All things must come to an end.”
  –Chaucer, 1374.

The last day of ZendCon is always bittersweet, and gazing at the Santa Clara Convention Center through our lens of Twitter, it looks like this year was no different. New friends pledging to stay in touch, old friends waving goodbye, and as always, lots of happy developers giving shoutouts to the crew at Zend that worked so hard to make putting on ZendCon so easy.





…and more green ElePHPants!


Everyone was getting into the action, even those not able to attend. The PHP powered API powerhouse Mashery tweeted this offer to all newly minted Zend Certified Engineers.

It’s over…but it’s not

The banners have all been packed away, all the ElePHPants have found new homes, and it is easy to think that ZendCon is over. You can relive some of the high-points by watching the recordings of the keynote speeches. You can find all the recordings over at the “Live Streaming from ZendCon 2012” page. Catch-up on the ones you missed to review the ones you enjoyed.

Whether you were in attendance at ZendCon ’12 or not, we hope to see you next year at ZendCon ’13.