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Over at, Khayrattee Wasseem has posted yet another of his interviews, this time my Matthew Weier O’Phinney, the Supreme Allied Commander of Zend Framework. (SAL-ute) Even though the picture MWOP chose for the article makes him look like a deer caught in headlights – personally, I think it was taken just after he found out that @skoop submitted a pull request for ZF2 – in the article, his brilliance and personality shine through.

The title of this interview is “PHP Interview With Matthew Weier O’Phinney Project Lead of Zend Framework – Read Code, Ask questions, Write Lots Of Code & Be Humble“. If you know MWOP, or have interacted with him at all online, you know that the title nailed it.

If you’ve never been the subject of a interview, they are grueling experience. Khayrattee sends you a request with an innocuous looking word file attached. Little do you know that the 20-30 questions being asked are so deep and probing that it will most likely take less time to complete an SAT exam than this questionnaire. Never the less, many of us look forward to Khayrattee releasing new interviews because of the insight you can get into the person being interviewed, and MWOP’s is no different.

Here is the opening paragraph to get you started but you are going to have to visit the site to read the rest…and see the picture. :)

In this edition I talked with [Matthew Weier O’Phinney @weierophinney], the project Lead of Zend Framework at Zend Technologies Ltd. He is to the Zend PHP Community what Sir Alex Ferguson is to the Manchester United Football’s Community. And Cal Evans (Icon Of The PHP Community) calls him the Supreme Allied Commander of Zend Framework, and that is NO small thing!

Matthew has been a speaker at so many PHP conferences and user groups. He also regularly performs and host webinars, the last one (if I’m not wrong) was about ZF2, which I missed out unfortunately. You will find more details about all those presentations on his personal blog here.

I would like to express my humble THANKS to Mr Matthew Weier O’Phinney for allocating time for my interview considering that the last couple of months have been real crazy and busy for him (as most of us knows). So, Supreme Allied Commander, I convey my Salute!

Now, grab a cup of coffee, curl up on the couch, and spend a few minutes getting to know one of the treasures of the PHP community.


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