Avoiding Mistakes With PHP On IBM i Platforms

Over on The IT Jungle there is a new article for i Platform developers starting to use PHP, “Avoiding Mistakes With PHP On IBM i Platforms”.

The article is not a cookbook for solving common problems, in fact, the article doesn’t have any code in it whatsoever. It does however, have a few handy tips for i Platform developers. Here’s a quick taste.

We all make mistakes. And for those who don’t, I make up for your perfection. There’s value in mistakes. Learning about mistakes is a good way to avoid mistakes. It’s as true with PHP as it is with skydiving. Because a lot of people in the IBM midrange community use PHP, and presumably many more will be learning about it soon, I hope this helps them.

If you are working with PHP on i Platforms, click on through and give it a view. Invest a few minutes to keep from making the same mistakes that Dan Burger made.