Rob Allen talks about Zend\ServiceManager configuration keys

Really, does it matter what Rob is talking about? When he posts on his blog, we all read it. He could post the train schedule and we’d all tell him what a prolific writer he was. :) This time – like every other time Rob blogs – it’s interesting, useful, and educational.

In a post titled “Zend\ServiceManager configuration keys”, Rob goes deep on how to configure the Zend\ServiceManager. This is not a WHY article, this is a hard-core HOW article. If you don’t know why to use Zend|ServiceManager, you won’t find that here, try the manual. However, if you want a very no-nonsense deep dive into how to configure it and what your options are, this is the article you are looking for. Here’s a quick sample.

Zend\ServiceManager is usually configured in two places: an array in a config file or a method within your Module class. In either case, you provide a nested array of configuration information.

If you don’t read code, the rest of the article might as well be in Klingon because you aren’t going to grok. If you do read code, this is a great article t help you on your way. Make sure and leave Rob a comment saying thank you for the effort.