Getting Started with REST and Zend Framework 2

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Over on his blog hounddog, Martin Shwalbe has written an excellent post on the topic of Getting Started with REST and Zend Framework 2. If you are new to Zend Framework 2, or new to REST, you will want to check this article out. A word of caution though, this tutorial assumes you have completed this “Getting Started” tutorial, as it builds upon that work. Here’s the opening, which is the longest portion of non-code in the entire post.

Today i want to show you how to build a rest application. This tutorials assume you have completed the Getting Started. I will be repeating lot of the steps allready explained in there. There is also a sample Album module which you can install from here.

This is a well-written tutorial that is easy to follow with a lot of cot-n-paste goodness. Shwalbe tells you very succinctly what you need to do and why and then gives you the code to do it.

At the end of the tutorial are a few good comments. If you like the help Shwalbe provides, make sure and leave him a comment saying so.