How to convince your boss to send you to ZendCon 2013

Convince your boss !


It’s a simple formula. The more a developer can increase their productivity and innovation while, at the same time, decreasing their downstream impact (bugs, future feature roadblocks, etc) the more valuable that developer is to their organization.

In the open source world the technology we use to build applications evolves almost daily. Understanding industry and technology trends and avoiding trial and error by learning from other developer’s experiences can be INVALUABLE to your development organization.

For ZendCon we recruit some of the best and most experienced PHP architects and developers in the industry to share their experiences and expertise.

Do you know how much time a jump-start on using an enterprise quality development framework can save you? Have you adopted an agile, API first design strategy that suits your future mobile needs? Are you realizing the benefits of federation logic between server and client?

ZendCon 2013 is featuring sessions on testing like:

  • Testing Essentials: Mock Objects Explained
  • Introducing Tests in Legacy PHP Applications
  • Effective Cross-Browser Testing

Security sessions such as :

  • Business Logic Security
  • Build Secure Applications with Zend Framework 2

And performance sessions like :

  • Nginx: The Need for Speed
  • The Need for Speed – Lessons in Performance and Scalability From the Field

How quickly will learning those things pay for your ZendCon experience ?

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And for a limited time the promotional cost is only $495 !

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