Build a Headquarters for Your Code Libraries


“Let’s get our ducks in a row before we start shooting.” – David Martin [1]

Ever notice those hidden inefficiencies caused by your applications’ code libraries?

  • Patching and maintaining multiple copies of libraries, one per application, is a waste of time and a good way for errors to creep into the process
  • Keeping multiple versions of a library on a server can introduce all sorts of complications

Zend, the PHP Company, wants to help developers generate insights into their apps, both in development and production. We’ve designed Zend Server, which comes in both free and paid editions, to act as a central PHP library management system, making application management and deployment more robust and flexible.

How Zend Server Helps Developers (Yes, Even the Free Edition!)

  • Centrally manage PHP code libraries: Deploy your code libraries – Zend Framework, other frameworks, your own code, etc. – with Zend Server. Set up dependencies between your apps and your libraries. Patch all of your libraries in one place.
  • View and manage versions in one place: The Zend Server code library management interface lets you see all of the different libraries and versions you’ve deployed. Zend Server automatically checks for new library versions and updates dependencies appropriately.
  • Shrink the size of your apps: Don’t bundle your libraries with your apps! Keep a centrally managed library on the server and have your app ship only its unique code. When apps are smaller, deployments are more streamlined and agile.

Learn how to work with libraries in Zend Server in this 6 minute video

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