Zend Server Web API Spotlight: New in Zend Server 6.3

Hey everybody,

I’m taking a brief pause in our scheduled programme of Web API tips and tricks, to let you know about the recently released Zend Server 6.3. I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you about news and additions in Web API version 1.7 for Zend Server 6.3:

Web API Samples kit

I’ve written a Web API samples kit which includes examples, explanations and some popular workflows. Some of the materials in the kit were already posted here on this blog but there are many code examples and actual working scripts for you to use and explore. This kit also mentions and promotes the use of ZendServerWebapiModule, a ZF2 module for making your integration with Zend Server Web API a snap!

If you’re wondering how Web API is used or want a few examples on capabilities and some texts to go with it, you may want to start with this package.

Grab it now in zpk format or from github or go to Zend Server 6.3’s spankin’ new Guide Page and read about it in the Integration section. Note that to get the most from this package you should have Zend Server installed and accessible.

New and old Web API actions:

Enough shameless plug, lets go over some Web API changes.

Zend Server 6.3 also has a few new Web API actions for you.

  • datacacheClear action allows you to clear whole namespaces and keys across a cluster from the Zend Datacache. This action supports both shm and disk variations of the Zend Datacache.
  • deploymentDownloadFile action allows you start downloading a zpk package file directly onto Zend Server. This action actually facilitates an internal process for Guide Page integration with the Deployment Wizard and is not supported elsewhere in the system. This oversight is due to time constraints and if you think it’s needed, post us a comment below.
  • deploymentDownloadFileStatus action allows you to poll and track your active download until its conclusion.

We’ve modified the behavior of some existing Web API actions, here are a the major changes.

  • jobqueueRulesList can now accept predefined filters and filter clauses and supports pagination
  • vhostGetStatus can now accept predefined filters and filter clauses and supports pagination
  • vhostRemove action allows you to implicitly remove all dependents
  • codetracingDelete action was reworked to be more robust and dependable in large batches
  • monitorExportRules behavior was modified – exporting rules for an application will only output application-specific rules and will not add the global rules that are in effect.

We’ve also solved more than 50 bugs related specifically to the Web API, including:

  • Fixed an issue where the wrong Web API version is returned with the action response
  • serverAddToCluster is more tolerant to timing faults and should return a consistent response, even for errors
  • startDebug, startProfile and showSource actions were reworked to provide better feedback and indication of problems as well as made more robust in distributed environments.

Thank you for reading and good luck with Zend Server 6.3!