Announcing Zend Server 6.3!

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We’ve just released the latest version of our platform for Continuous Delivery of applications.  What’s new in Zend Server 6.3?

Language and Platform Support
Zend Server now supports PHP 5.5. With this release, Zend Server supports production environments on three major versions of PHP: 5.5 (supported for the first time), 5.4, and 5.3.Zend Server 6.3 is also now certified to run on Ubuntu 13.10 using Apache 2.4.
Popular Applications Ready for Deployment
Zend Server comes with sample applications ready for deployment, including Drupal, Magento, WordPress and others. Painlessly try out some of the most popular PHP apps with Zend Server taking care of configuration and deployment: you can be up and running within minutes, streamlining the process of testing out new applications.
XML Toolkit for IBM i
Zend Server for IBM i now includes the open source XML Toolkit, allowing PHP applications to easily connect to IBM i resources such as RPG, COBOL, CL programs or commands, Spooled files, etc. The XML Toolkit is packaged as a Zend Server library and can be easily deployed on both IBM i and Windows systems, making it simple for Windows-based developers to write PHP apps designed to run in production on an IBM i system.
The Zend Job Queue allows running time-consuming jobs in parallel, removing application bottlenecks and reducing server load. The latest version of Zend Server includes the following enhancements:

  • Support for triggering offline scripts over HTTPS
  • Job Rules dashboard enhancements: added pagination, search, filtering and sorting
  • 40% faster creation of new jobs


Zend Server streamlines application deployment with a workflow for creating and deploying app packages and makes virtual host configurations easy to manage. Enhancements include:

  • Virtual Host dashboard enhancement: added pagination, search, filtering and sorting
  • Option to delete the associated applications when deleting a virtual host
  • Capability to set README file for application packages
  • Ability to define required user parameters and scripts for library packages


Other Product Enhancements include:

  • WebAPI for Zend Data Cache – support for clearing the Data Cache at key and/or namespace level, optionally across a cluster
  • Added Web server Graceful Restart directive on Settings page (Apache only) providing the ability to set the restart behavior for the web server processes
  • Added support for using MySQL on an non-standard port (i.e 3307) when adding a server to the cluster

 Download for free and give it a try!