MMS me the 411 ASAP (via PHP, of corZ)

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p. Finally! All my grammar, typing and spelling problems are now working in my favor! SMS messages have become ubiquitous in most of the world. As with any commodity technology, those who make their money off of it are always looking to expand it so that they can charge more. In the SMS world, there is the MMS, “Multimedia Messaging Service”: Developed by the “Open Mobil Alliance”: MMS is designed to deliver rich content messages over packet data services.

p. That’s all well and good but without the proper tools how are you going to message (spam) the cell-phones of your closest 25,000 friends with the latest release (obeying all relevant copyright laws, of course) from your favorite band? More importantly, how are you going to build those location-specific advertising applications to sell to the Italian restaurant down the street? (The Chinese restaurant already has this technology, step in and exploit the gap!) Well fear not, Stefan Hellkvist over at “”: has rushed to your rescue. The library, MMSlib, is used to encode and decode MMS messages in PHP.

p. The current version of the library, mmslib-0.97.tar.gz, is available from their “site”: Being curious, I grabbed my copy and pealed open the tarball to see what goodies they were giving away. The author gives several sample files to explore as well as links to 2 applications they have written using the library. The author admits that the library is incomplete and that it only implements the parts of the spec needed for their own applications.

p. The only downside I saw is that the docs do not talk much about how to send and receive the messages. I guess if you do MMS work then you know that already but it would have been nice to teach the rest of us. (Is it a Guild secret? Because I’ve got my membership card around here somewhere.)

p. The code is released under the GPL so have at it.

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