Andrei Zmievski and the TextIterator of PHP6

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p. Andrei Zmievski is at it again. Hot on the heels of the announcement that “YaHoo is looking for more PHP talent”: comes a post that is so packed with sample code, it looks like the page itself could be executed. Titled “All the Little Pieces, or TextIterator in PHP 6”: it’s a good look at some of what’s coming in PHP 6.

bq. First up is the new Swiss-army knife-like TextIterator class. The purpose of this class is to provide access to various text units in a generic fashion. Actually, I lied. TextIterator implements ICU’s full boundary analysis API, so what it really gives you are the boundaries between the text units. A slight distinction, but well worth remembering. And what are these units, might you ask?

p. You can ask but I’m not going to tell you here. You have to visit the page to get the details. Andrei helps us see into the future with clear examples and sample code. If you like staying on the cutting edge, this is a great article to keep you out there.

p. Anybody want to port this back to PHP3 for me?