Two New Articles regarding PHP on System I

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p. !<! The web was abuzz this week as the release of PHP for System i nears.

p. First “”: released an announcement titled “System i PHP Due by Month’s End”: The obligatory quote to round out my announcement of the article is:

bq. PHP has several advantages over other Web-development technologies, not the least of which, for some shops, is that it reduces dependency on the processor-intensive, Java-based WebSphere. Open-source PHP is lightweight, high performing, and offers a short learning curve.

p. Second, earlier this week Alan Seiden wrote and released an detailed overview on the released titled “Zend Brings PHP to IBM’s i5/OS”: Complete with bullet lists and tables, this is a great overview of what System i users can expect from the release.

p. Alan not only gives an overview of the released, he gives a short intro into PHP for those not familiar with it, detailed instructions on how to install Zend Core for IBM and rounds it out with sample code to get you started. I would give an obligatory quote from the article but it’s so packed full of good stuff, I’d just end up quoting the entire article. (and for some reason, that’s frowned upon)

P. If you are a System i user and considering PHP as a tool in your development toolbox, this article is a must read.