Mike Potter announces “The (unofficial) Adobe PHP SDK”

p. “Mike Potter”:http://blogs.adobe.com/mikepotter/ our buddy over at Adobe, world class programmer and all around great guy, has announced his latest project “The (unofficial) Adobe PHP SDK”:http://blogs.adobe.com/mikepotter/2006/08/announcing_the.html. A quote from his blog says it all:

bq. I’m happy to announce that I’ve started a new project called the (unofficial) Adobe PHP SDK, which is intended to enable PHP developers to build solutions with Adobe RIA technologies quickly.

p. This is the first project I’ve seen hosted over at “code.google.com”:http://code.google.com/p/adobe-php-sdk/. Mike has set it up as an open source project and it is available under various opensource licenses.

p. Mike encourages developers to participate in a number of ways:

* Test out the samples in the project.
* Develop cool new samples to include in the project.
* Add cool features to samples already in the project.
* Improve the look of samples already in the project.
* Add links to great resources for PHP developers.

p. His blog contains a direct link to the source and you are encouraged to grab it and begin exploring.

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