WebThumb is a Cool Tool

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p. “Joshua Eichorn”:http://blog.joshuaeichorn.com, programmer, author, blogger, and Web 2.0 Renaissance Man has just announced the latest version of “WebThumb”:http://bluga.net/webthumb/index.php. WebThumb is (as the name implies) a web service to create thumbnails of websites.

p. I’m not sure why but I love playing with this. I know he didn’t release the service for actual use but mainly to show what the code will do but I find it fascinating. As a blogger I think it’s a great tool. Many times I’ve have to pull up a web page (in Windows) and play the ALT-PrtScr game. By the time I finish, I’m knee-deep in MSPaint and in addition to the new graphic, I’ve usually invented a new swear word or two. Joshua’s new toy alleviates all of that.

p. I also see this as useful for graphic designers. People who need to show their work to clients but not give away the source. (At least, not until the check has cleared.)

p. No matter what your use it for, it’s a cool little piece of code. You can go play with it on Joshua’s site or you can download it and dig into the code to see how it’s done. There’s no word on the license the code is available under so be careful in how you use it till that question is cleared up.

p. To round things out, here’s a quote from “Joshua’s blog entry about the new version”:http://blog.joshuaeichorn.com/archives/2006/08/21/webthumb-rendering-engine-released/.

bq. Webthumb uses a custom browser that embeds the mozilla rendering engine to take its website screenshots.

p. And here are a few samples, just for fun.

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