Seagull 0.6.0 Released

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p. In the wee hours of the morning this morning (at least the wee hours of CDT) the Seagull team announced the release of 0.6.0. The “release notice”: appeared on PHPKitchen this morning and talked about the new features and fixes.

* automated module installation for admin users, and improvements to the module generator wizard
* module config files now have a GUI interface for editing (Julien Casanova)
* additional checks in the installer for open_basedir restriction, allow_url_fopen problem in XML_Parser handled, and additional authentication checks (Steven Stremciuc)
* improved wizard functionality based on PEAR’s HTML_QuickForm_Controller (Malaney J. Hill)
* SQL parsing improved, more unit tests added (Randy Casburn)
* nice CAPTCHA component (Steven Stremciuc)

p. They give download links on the page and note that the pear channel (pearball???) will be updated shortly.

p. They felt it worthy of mention that this was the first time in 3 years that they broke the 1 release per month rule. They skipped the July release but assure Seagull users that the new release is worth the wait.

p. A quick and un-related side note, PHPKitchen also has an interested, albeit older “article”: on “PHP-Shell”: We covered this a while back with “this article”: It’s great to see these tools maturing. PHP-Shell is now part of PEAR. The article gives you instructions on installing it and the “author’s homepage”: gives you a quick how to get started.

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