Get started easily with Adobe RIA Technologies

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Recently I released a new project to help PHP developers get started with two Adobe web technologies: Ajax and Flex. (Flex is an Eclipse based plugin that helps software developers build applications that get delivered via the Flash player.) The (unofficial) Adobe PHP SDK contains samples and code in a single .zip file that show how to connect a PHP backend to two different front ends: Ajax for those who prefer HTML interfaces, and Flex for those that prefer a Flash interface.

The project itself is open source, and I'm hoping that members of the community will contribute to it. The project is hosted at Google, and has a mailing list at Google Groups as well. All the projects used in the SDK are licensed under various open source licenses, and the web page content in the SDK is licensed under a Creative Commons license.

To get started with the SDK, simply download the .zip file and extract it to the root of your web server, either localhost or a remote server. Then, visit the index.php page in the root directory (likely and browse the sample applications. You can also view the entire source of the samples, including source to the Flex samples, using the Subversion repository at the SDK's home page.

You can participate in the project in a number of different ways:

1. Create a sample showing the use of PHP and Flex or Spry together.
2. Modify the HTML pages to link to interesting samples on the web.
3. Help test and improve the samples that have already been created in the SDK.

To participate, simply subscribe to the mailing list and then send a message to the Adobe PHP SDK mailing list announcing your intentions.