Zend Framework 2.5.1 Released!

Note: this post originally appeared on the ZF Blog

On the heels of yesterday’s 2.5.0 release, today we’ve released Zend Framework 2.5.1!

To update, use Composer:


The only issue reported against 2.5.0 was a blocker for many: with the shift to ZF becoming a metapackage, one component, zend-ldap, had a hard requirement on a specific PHP extension (ext/ldap), meaning that the extension then became a requirement for the entire framework.

ZF 2.5.1 addresses this by making zend/ldap a suggested component. This means that the zend-ldap component is no longer installed by default. If you rely on zend-ldap for your application, you will need to perform the following after upgrading to 2.5.1:

The above will add zend-ldap as a requirement to your project, ensuring it is present going forward.

We also audited all other components for hard dependencies on extensions; no other components did so.