Sara Goleman posts on PHP 6.

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p. Sara Goleman has an interesting post over on her blog about PHP 6. It’s titled “PHP6: News from the front…”:….html and in it she talks about the work that she, “Andrei”: and “his small band of merry babelonians” are doing to get the PHP 6 preview release out the door. (She includes herself in the merry band.) Here’s let’s rip-off a quote from her blog to wet your whistle and take up some space on this page.

bq. Some of the work that’s been done recently has been “low-hanging fruit” (the bcmath extension for example) requiring nothing but adding a U to the function prototype. Other areas, like filename handling, required some very minor additions to handle downcoding where run-time conversion isn’t necessarily appropriate. Meanwhile a few changes (e.g. stream_get_contents(), popen()) involved more careful updates to core functionality in order to handle unicode handling without breaking that precious backward compatibility.

p. Sara goes on to describe the progress that is being made and what still lies ahead. Along the way she detours down memory lane.

bq. While I was poking around old files during my part of this endeavor, I came across a couple of old favorites which I’d mentioned in my Good old times post back in April. Looking back on this old code I winced a couple times (who isn’t a little ashamed of old code, no matter how clean it is). What the heck, this is a major version bump, perfect time for some spring cleaning. The functions aren’t going to run any faster or do anything all that better, but they’ll be a little prettier to look at later on. Score one for style…

p. Sara’s blog is always interesting to read and this post is no exception. If you are keeping up with PHP 6 you won’t want to miss it.

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