Play with PHP7 the easy way

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Are you interested in playing with PHP7?

If so, here is a quick way to get setup and running without risking any of your existing environment and without risking any of your existing environments and without having to install VMs, containers, etc.

  1. Setup a free account at is a cool system for quickly spinning up development environments. You can do the entire thing in the browser if you like, or you can ssh into your new playground once you have it setup. There are AWS micro instances so that aren’t good for much, but if you are just playing around, they are wonderful.
  2. Follow the “Ubuntu” instructions on the Zend PHP7 Nightly Builds page. You will need to use sudo to accomplish the tasks.

Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 8.52.45 AM

Once you are done, you will have PHP installed in /usr/local/php7/bin. You can write code and execute it from the command line using /usr/local/php7/bin/php. You can of course replace the existing /usr/bin/php with the new php7 one with a simple symlink. You can also easily install apache and configure it to use PHP7 if you want to test a web based app.

Experiment, play, get comfortable with PHP7. It will be here quicker than you think.

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