Update on Upload Progress Bar Progress

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p. A while back I did a “short piece”:https://devzone.zend.com/article/36 “talking”:https://devzone.zend.com/article/114 about Upload Progress Meters for PHP. At the time, the choices weren’t numerous and either required a Perl script or just faked the progress. Things have changed since then.

p. “Christian Stocker”:http://blog.bitflux.ch/ has posted an entry on his blog titled “Upload Progress Meter extension for PHP 5.2”:http://blog.bitflux.ch/archive/2006/09/28/upload-progress-meter-extension-for-php-5-2.html. In it he describes an extension he has written for PHP that takes advantage of “code in PHP 5.2”:http://cvs.php.net/viewvc.cgi/php-src/main/rfc1867.c?r1= to allow a true progress bar.

bq. There is a patch available for PHP 4.4 and 5.0, which made it nevertheless possible, but some php core files itself needed to be patched for that.

bq. But approx. 2 months ago a similar patch was committed to the PHP_5_2 branch which now makes the patching of PHP unnecessary. You still need an extension for getting the data and that’s what I wrote last weekend. It’s based on the work of Doru Petrescu, but as the patch is quite different, I started from scratch, but copied some helper functions and the basic idea from Doru’s extension.

p. He gives you links to the code and links to sample applications so you can learn how to use it. If you are interested and brave of heart, head over to his blog and check it out. (Warning, it does require patching bleeding edge code. You have been warned.)

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