Upcoming.org: Nerdy API News!

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p. On Sept 28, 2006, Upcoming.org released it’s new PHP 5 (only) wrapper class. Details can be found “here”:http://upcoming.org/news/archives/2006/09/28/nerdy_ap/ and the wiki page can be found “here”:http://community.upcoming.org/w/index.php/Services_Upcoming_API_Wrapper. Hey, though, why don’t I copy and paste a bit so you can see if it’s worth the effort to move your mouse over the link and click.

bq. First off, here’s our New PHP5-compatible API Wrapper. It’s a pretty early release, so I’ve put up a wiki page detailing how to get started with the PHP5 API Wrapper. My wrapper beta testers tell me that although there are some issues they had to figure out with the example code, the class itself is generally working for them. If you have feedback, please post a note in the talk page for the wrapper.

bq. We also are introducing of the new state.getInfo and country.getInfo methods, available by popular demand. Also, the method has been modified to accept the new “show” parameter, allowing you to retrieve a user’s watchlist history, upcoming events, or the watchlist across all time.

p. The wiki page gives a lot more detail including important links to things like the code and samples. It also contains a list of “known issues”

h3. Services/example.php:

* The link to getting authentication won’t work without editing example.php and putting in API_KEY.
* The frob won’t be autopopulated if your application’s callback URL is set to the example file. You’ll have to copy and paste it from the returned URL.

h3. Services/Upcoming.php

* The wrapper won’t work in PHP4.
* The wrapper returns SimpleXML objects, and not arrays. For a quick intro to SimpleXML, see [2] and [3].
* The class lacks private/public method distinctions, and may in the future include other PHP5 bells and whistles like automatic method translation, etc.
* Some formatting is off, and will be fixed for PEAR inclusion in the future.

p. Finally on a quasi related note, upcoming.org is looking for developers. Full details can be found “here”:http://upcoming.org/news/archives/2006/09/18/upcoming/. If the job posting sounds familiar, it’s because they copied it almost verbatim from a Flick job posting. (Doesn’t anyone respect copyright these days?)

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