Elizabeth Naramore Posts Her PHP Appalachia Wrap-Up

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p. PHP Appalachia is over and we have the pictures to prove it! Come on inside to get a few highlights and a couple of links. Read of the legend of Ramsey, the axe wielding programmer.

p. This past weekend 12 PHP programmers gathered in the Great Smoky Mountains for a weekend of fun, friendship and code. “PHP Appalachia”:http://www.phpappalachia.org/. Elizabeth Naramore posted a wrap-up of the experience on her blog “here”:http://naramore.net/blog/index.php?p=90. Let’s steal a few lines from it so I don’t have to come up with something original myself.

bq. 3+ days of collaboration, exchanging information, hiking, building campfires, and basically getting silly is now on my “highly recommended things to do before you die” list. Not only does a gathering like this provide you with an outlet to expand and share your knowledge on a professional level, it gives you an opportunity to relax with like-minded people and just plain have a good time. We had 12 total attendees, which made it nice to get together as a large group, but also allowed those who wanted to venture off in smaller groups to do so. There were ample opportunities to talk about technology and other subjects, and the conversations were always lively. I enjoyed the “take it as it goes” attitude we adopted, and I think it really fostered the development of professional relationships.

p. Day #1 Hike with Lily the Wonder Pup It wasn’t all hiking and camping though. Elizabeth also posted about the PHP sessions they had which included discussion on topics that included:

* trying to hire good developers & the Zend certification’s role in that
* managing client expectations through agile development
* how books introduce people to PHP and how beginners may learn pitfalls from the very beginning
* the Zend Framework and the front controllers

p. There are most listed in her post. It sounds like they had a great time and I hope next year I’ll be able to attend. Earlier this weekend, Ben Ramsey also posted about PHP Appalachia when he talked about “A Community of Diverse Backgrounds”:http://benramsey.com/archives/a-community-of-diverse-backgrounds/. Ben described the journey up to PHP Appalachia as he and 4 other PHP programmers all come from very diverse backgrounds.

bq. To me, it’s always very interesting to hear the pre-PHP stories of other PHP programmers-the days before they programmed in PHP, what they did and how they came to call themselves PHP programmers. The stories vary greatly from programmer to programmer, and almost none begin with: “I was working toward a degree in computer science…” In fact, the more people I talk with, the more I’m convinced that the typical PHP programmer, in fact, sort of got to where they are by an odd arrangement of life circumstances we call coincidences. Almost none elected to be where they are, but nearly all enjoy the work they do, many to a great degree of passion.

p. It’s a very interesting post.

p. No event these days is complete without a flickr feed and this one is no different. The pictures are all tagged “phpappalachia”:http://flickr.com/photos/tags/phpappalachia/. Go check them out, leave a comment. Better yet, drop by #phpc on freenode.net and talk live with “Ben Ramsey, The Hatchet Man”:http://flickr.com/photos/73037677@N00/256787708/.

p. =C=

p. p.s. Thanks to “Elizabeth”:http://www.flickr.com/photos/73037677@N00/ for permission to use the pictures.

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