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p. Alex Woodie, over at, has just published an article on the progress of PHP on System i. In an article titled “System i PHP Drive Going Strong, Zend Says”:, Alex talks with Zend Vice President of Business Development, Mike Pinette. The article brings out several good points about PHP on System i. Items like:

* Zend has released Core and Platform for i5/OS and expects more development in 2007.
* PHP on System i/OS is being adopted by such players as “The University of Berlin” and “Ministry of Finance in France”
* Zend is involved with colleges and schools to build out curriculum for PHP on System i
* Next year, System i PHP enthusiasts can expect a new version of Zend Studio that plugs into Eclipse development environments

p. Let’s sneak in and steal a quick quote, shall we?

bq. The push to create a new generation of young PHP programmers and PHP-driven Web applications on the IBM System i is moving forward according to plan, according to Zend Technology, the company commercializing the open source scripting language and providing support and training services. “Things are going phenomenally well,” Zend business development vice president Mike Pinette says, giving evidence of that early success. “We’re firing on all cylinders.”

p. All in all, it’s a very positive article. It does bring out the point that IT shops and especially large IT shops are always hesitant to adopt new technologies for security risks. I could go on explaining it to you but Alex did such a great job, let me just grab the quote for you.

bq. Pinette is learning how “risk averse” the System i community can be–to technology and to publicity–and how tough it can be to get companies to talk about their specific technology usage. This is a common practice when dealing with IT security issues at companies of all sizes. When dealing with large, public companies, it’s practically unavoidable, no matter what the technological matter, without dealing with layers of lawyers for months on end.

p. If you are keeping up with the i5/OS scene or with where PHP is headed, this is a great article to read.

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