ZendCon, PHP User Groups and FREE ElePHPants!

In case you’ve been hiding under a rock lately, we at Zend have recently announced the 10th 11th annual ZendCon. (Originally known as The Zend PHP Conference and Expo, but we couldn’t fit that on a URL)

PHP7 ElePHPantContinuing the tradition of the past few years, we are introducing a new PHP ElePHPant and giving one to every attendee. Unlike past years we want to see how many of these things we can give away. To that end, we have setup a new program for PHP User Groups. For each member of your PHP User Group that purchases a ticket to ZendCon, we will send you one of the new PHP7 ElePHPants. That’s right, you too can build your own private Pachyderm Posse.

Here’s How

If you manage a PHP User Group (PUG Life, Represent!) here are the steps you need to take to participate.

  1. Request a tracking code discount code. This code is good for $100 off the price of any ZendCon ticket by emailing contact@zendcon.com.
  2. Send out an email to your PHP User Group mailing list letting your users know that they can save $100 off of any ZendCon ticket (including the Early Bird!) using this special code.
  3. After ZendCon, we will send you one ElePHPant for each person that used the code. You can horde them in a secret closet and take them out to play with them late at night…or you can use them as raffle prizes for your group. It really doesn’t matter to us. (and honestly, if it’s the former, we’d rather not know)

That’s all there is to it. They do all the work, you sit back and collect ElePHPants.  (PUG Life!)

So get your magic ElePHpant code? today! Drop Adam (@adamculp) Culp an email at contact@zendcon.com. Tell him that you want to start building your own private horde. Also, tell him the Name, City, and country of your PHP User Group. He’ll send you the code.


Suggested Email Copy:
(Just copy and paste this, change the necessary fields and shotgun it out to your PHP user Group’s mailing list)

Hi all,Our friends at Zend have a special offer: You can get a $100 discount on the ticket for ZendCon, one of the most important PHP conferences in the world. ZendCon is taking place in Las Vegas in October: 19th to 22nd. See http://www.zendcon.com/ for more information about the conference and the speaker line-up.

If you go to ZendCon, you’ll receive a special PHP7 plush elePHPant as well! And if you use our discount code, this also means we’ll receive an elePHPant to raffle at our meetups! So you’ll get one yourself, and ensure one of our other members will get one.

Interested? Use the special discount code PUT_YOUR_CODE_HERE (or simply PUT_YOUR_LINK_HERE).

Please note: The cheap Early Bird prices are still valid for now, so if you want to get your ticket for the lowest price possible, get it now!