PHPWomen & Zend Give Scholarship to ZendCon

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Working in conjunction with PHPWomen, we are going to give away a scholarship to ZendCon! We are kinda excited about it. Zend has been a supporter of PHPWomen since their inception. One of their very first booths was at ZendCon 2007. (Lig, Liz and I setup a table and stole a beer stein from the bar to use as a donations jar.) :)

These days PHPWomen are much more organized and we felt they were the perfect partner to help us select someone for a scholarship.  Also, we love working with PHPWomen because even though they have “Women” in their title, they are an inclusive group. This means  you can apply for this scholarship regardless of your gender.

Let’s raise the bar

When most people read “Scholarship” they see “Free Ticket”. Yes, this scolarship includes a free ticket to ZendCon and the Tutorial Day.  We aren’t content though with leaving it at that. There are more expenses involved in attending a conference than just the ticket. We can’t cover them all, but we can help with more than just the ticket.

This year our scholarship includes 3 nights in the conference hotel as part of the scholarship. (no, we don’t cover the mini-bar)

Do the paperwork

Here is the form you need to fill out. Pay careful attention to the instructions and required fields. Enter your information and we will notify you if you’ve been selected. Do it now rather than later.