PHP Delivers mail() on IBM System i

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p. Alan Seiden over at MC|Press has released an “article detailing the virtues of PHP’s powerful mail()”: function for System i users. Until recently System i users had to rely on third party classes like “PHPMailer”: or “PEAR_Mail”: to be able to send mail. Now though, with the latest release of Zend Core for IBM, System i users can invoke mail() at will. (Well, if they have Will’s email address they can.) Let’s snag a small snippet from their article, shall we?

bq. Although alternatives such as PHPMailer provide ample features, these substitutes take more effort to set up. More important, some software packages are programmed to use mail() and will not operate without it. Most UNIX systems contain a sendmail program. The mail() function takes advantage of this by sending messages through sendmail. On systems lacking sendmail, such as Windows and System i, Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) does the job.

p. The article goes on to detail what php.ini settings are now available for use as well as how to use it in scripts.

p. If you are a System i user then I know this is a joyous occasion for you as you can now mail() like the rest of us. If you don’t use System i, join in the celebration anyhow.

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