PHP Adoption Statistics for September 2006

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p. Hey, our buddies over at have released the September numbers!

p. As always, they have broken them down into 2 pages, “PHP statistics for September 2006”: and “PHP stats evolution for September 2006”:

p. The evolution stats are always the one most interesting to me and this month is no different. As you can see form the chart on the left, PHP 4.4 (Yellow) is showing the most growth these days and September showed the crossover point for PHP 4.3 (Red) and PHP 4.4. However, peeking it’s head out above the crowd and continuing to show steady growth is PHP 5.1 (gray, right near the bottom right).

p. Other charts on the evolution page show PHP 5’s steady increase as it crossed the 10% mark in August and claws it’s way towards 11%. (The statistics page has a graph showing it at 10.83%)

p. In both surveys the sampling method was the same.

bq. 15 millions servers were surveyed during September, and 8,9 were used for stats : domains without web sites, those unreachable, ISP, shared hosters or domain parkings were not considered.

p. Thanks again to “Nexen.Net”: for providing this service and Damien for sending me an email every month reminding me that they are out.

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