The PEAR book Has Ripened and is Ready For Picking!

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p. Aaron Wormus, one of the regulars on’s #phpc channel, announced on his blog today that “The PEAR Book is out!”: Aaron talks about the book he co-authored with Stoyan Stefanov, Stephan Schmidt, and Carsten Lucke.

bq. This is a collaboration between Stoyan Stefanov, Stephan Schmidt, Carsten Lucke and me. The original book was conceived way back at IPC2k4 so it’s been in the pipeline for a while now. The book covers different aspects of programming using PEAR, We tried to approach the packages which we featured from a solution-based point of view, so a lot of packages are covered and there is quite a bit of code that you can play with.

p. He also talks about setting up a community wiki for the book. More details on the book can be found in an earlier article “here”: The book’s website can be found “here”: You can order the book from Amazon by clicking “here”:

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