Web 2.0 Kicks In

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p. Yes, for the second year in a row, I’m in San Francisco for Tim O’Reilly’s “Web 2.0”:http://web2con.com. Interesting side note, this year it’s called “Web 2.0 Summit”. This is because in April, O’Reilly is hosting “Web 2.0 Expo” at Moscone Center. It just got a little more expensive to be Web 2.0.

p. !>http://static.flickr.com/55/135465940_fd441343d6_m_d.jpg! I’m here in the “The Next Internet Infrastructure” panel moderated by the “P.T. Barnum”:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/P.t._barnum of the Web, “Marc Canter”:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marc_Canter. Jeff Barr of Amazon (My new hero) is on the panel and is talking about their new “web services”:http://aws.amazon.com. I caught their session at “ZendCon”:http://www.zendcon.com this year and was blown away. The list services that Amazon now exposes to Mashup developers is stunning. Ok, so they charge for them, nobody said the web had to be free. If you haven’t taken a look at their APIs, you really need to.

p. However, the thing I wanted to write about this morning was that I met the developer of “cogmap.com”:http://www.cogmap.com. (.net, .org) Brent and I met at breakfast as we were talking with the nice lady (I’m sorry dear, I did not write down your name) from Texas Christian University.

p. Brent pointed me to cogmap.com, his “side project”. (it is equivalent of a waiter having a screen play in Hollywood) What caught my eye was that, yes, he built it it PHP. Look for a profile of cogmap.com here in the near future.

p. I’ll talk more later, right now, I’m going on a Swag Safari.

p. =C=

p. p.s. Photo of Marc by “irisheyes”:http://www.flickr.com/photos/irisheyes/

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