InfoWorld:Zend hails PHP for Microsoft, IBM

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p. As reported on “”:, “Zend”: co-founder and all-around great guy, “Andi Gutmans”: gave an “interview to Paul Krill of InfoWorld”: while at “ZendCon06”: In it, they talk about Zend’s partnerships with Microsoft, a little about IBM and a lot about PHP. Just so there was no confusion this time, near the beginning of the interview, Andi is asked this question:

bq. **InfoWorld: What is Zend’s role in the development of the PHP scripting language?**
Gutmans: We’re contributors to the language and the language implementation itself. So, kind of the JVM [Java Virtual Machine] of PHP is called the Zend Engine, and that was originally developed by [Zend Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer] Zeev Suraski and myself in 1998.

p. It’s a good interview for suits. Don’t look for any technical goodies. However, if you are a developer, it’s a good one to point your boss to and say “Have you heard of this PHP thing?” (Let them think they discovered it, bosses like that.)

p. Drop by and “give it a read”:

p. =C=

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