Movements at OmniTI

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p. !>! Yesterday, Laura Thomson “announced”: that she had been promoted to Principal. Let me quote her as she quotes George.

bq. As George put it in his email: “I am very excited to announce that Laura Thomson has been promoted to the position of Principal.” My role will include focusing on securing new business and improving the quality and effectiveness of service delivery.

p. Congratulations Laura!

p. ! – Performant, scalable thinking. Writing and troubleshooting code that runs in high stress environments.
– Sith debugging. Mastering the inner mysteries to deduce ways to effectively reproduce and resolve otherwise impossible problems.
– All the fun and happy details of the various email specs.
– Dry wit. You’ll have the option of picking up some of my British humour.

p. That OmniTI is hiring comes as no surprise to anyone who monitors their blogs. It seems that every time I turn around one of them is pushing their “careers page”: That’s got to be a good feeling for all of the Principals at OmniTI.

p. =C=