Maugrim The Reaper writes on RESTful Web Services with Zend Framework

p. Paddy is back and blogging! He has had a stream of great posts since he came back online. Thursday he “posted a great REST tutorial”: Let’s steal a quick quote, shall we?

bq. We’ve all had over a week to absorb the new Zend Framework 0.20 release. Personally I’ve been loving it. The Zend Framework meets my requirements with flying colours.
For an upcoming project I intend implementing a RESTful web service. Back a few months ago when tinkering with the idea of a Technorati class for the Zend Framework, a reply from Davey Shafik highlighted the existence of a Zend_Rest_Client proposal. That proposal has since been implemented, and is now available from the Framework’s incubator directory. Also available is the focus of this tutorial – Zend_Rest_Server.

p. As will all of Paddy’s tutorials, it’s long on the “Why” and the “How”. It’s got lots of pretty source code for you to cut and paste along with detailed descriptions about what it all does. If you’ve been wanting to get into the Zend Framework but didn’t know where to start, you’ll want to take a look at this tutorial.

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