Andi Gutmans on RedMonk Podcast

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p. “Andi Gutmans”:, co-founder of “Zend”:, my boss, and all around nice guy, has recorded a podcast with James Governor and Coté of RedMonk.

p. Andi is featured in episode #33 of RedMonk radio. In it James and Coté quiz Andi about PHP on the IBM System i, scalability, The Microsoft partnership, and a host of other topics.

p. One of the topics of discussion is why PHP was ported to System i. The three of them discuss the fact that originally Java was ported to System i but wasn’t heavily adopted by System i developers because of it’s complexity. PHP is being received much more warmly.

p. Get the low down and all the details at their “website”: or just listen to the “podcast here”:

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