WebCheatSheet.com: Dynamic Image Generation

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p. I found a cool tutorial this morning over at webcheatsheet.com titled “PHP: Dynamic Image Generation”:http://www.webcheatsheet.com/php/dynamic_image_generation.php. Ok, the title pretty much gives away the plot but since we are much more interested in the how than the who-dun-it, let’s take a quick look at what they are offering.

bq. Creating images on the fly can be a very useful skill. PHP has some built-in image generation functions, further more, to generate new images or edit existing images on the fly using PHP, we need to have the GD library installed. In this tutorial we will show you how to get quite interesting and useful effects using image handling functions. We will review two practical tasks: creating security images (captcha) on the fly and building a bar chart using numerical values retrieved from MySQL database.

p. Ok, here’s the short version, if you’ve ever worked with PHP’s built in image manipulation functions then this is probably not the article for you. You may take a look at it as a quick refresher but it really doesn’t break new ground.

p. However, if you’ve never worked with ImageCreate() before, this is a great little tutorial that walks you through 2 examples. There’s lots of pretty source code to cut and paste and in between, they actually explain a bit about what is going on.

p. All in all, this is a well written tutorial designed to get beginners up and running quickly. My only criticism is I would have preferred to see the examples in OO instead of procedureal…but maybe that’s just me.

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