Discussing PHP Security, Encryption, & Hashing

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PHP Roundtable discusses PHP SecurityIf you take a look around the PHP community, you will find a lot of smart people. Sammy K Powers seems to have a knack for finding them and inviting them onto his podcast.

In Episode 54, he partners up with the Chief Development Officer of Paragon Initiative Enterprises, Scott Arciszewski. (I’m not EVEN going to try to pronounce that one) If you follow Scott on Twitter you know he’s one of the best and brightest security people (info sec people?) we have in the community. Joining Scott & Sammy are Chris Riley and Chris Cornutt. If you’ve been paying attention at all, your know that Chris Cornutt is the brains behind phpdeveloper.org, Securing PHP, and is one of the founders of of the Dallas PHP User Group. Thank you Chris for all that you do. :)

If you are interested in PHP and security, you will want to check this episode out. Security: Encryption, Hashing and PHP