“PHP 7 is pretty rad!” – Tumblr

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tumbler_engineering_logoSo the Tumblr Engineering team upgraded to PHP 7 recently. I think it went well. :)

They posted about their experience on their Engineering team’s blog, PHP 7 at Tumblr.

Recently, in a cross-team effort, we upgraded our full web server fleet from PHP 5 to PHP 7. The whole upgrade was a fun project with some very cool results, so we wanted to share it with you.

I don’t want to spoil the ending for you, so I’ll just say that there are pretty graphs for you to look at if you don’t want to read the blog.

I recently saw numbers that said ~10% of all PHP projects (internal projects, not OS projects) had no intention of upgrading to PHP 7. Cool, we get it, you like slow. The rest of us will be over here in the fast lane serving more users using less resources.